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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


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Currently available training courses: 1) Fundamentals of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 2) Desperate Journeys: Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Immigrants 3) Building Cultural Competence: Understanding the LGBTQIA+ Community 4) Applying Mental Health Treatment to Minority Populations
Currently available offerings: 1) Building Alliances Through Cultural Humility 2) Stepping Forward When Colleagues Cross the Line 3) Things That Make You Go Hmm...
Currently available offerings: 1) Trauma-Informed Care: Shifting Your Perspective 2) Trauma-Informed Care: Implementing Organizational Change
Currently available offerings: 1)Management, Leadership, and Administration in Organizations: Conflict Resolution, Managing Change, and Forms of Intelligence 2) Management, Leadership, and Administration in Organizations: Leadership, Building Teams & Supervisory Skills Management, Leadership, and Administration in Organizations: Performance Management, Reviews and Appreciation in the Workplace Cultivating Appreciation in the Workplace

EDIT (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Team)

sheng lee yang

Sheng Lee Yang

EDIT Executive Lead

kou yang

Kou Yang

EDIT Program Strategy

dana johnson

Dana Johnson

EDIT Outreach & Change Leader

Dana has over 10 years of direct practice and senior level management experience in county human services, held positions as an educator at the undergraduate and graduate level, and owned his own training and consulting business.  His seven years of organizational leadership in direct supervision of staff, conducting agency and culture change, policy analysis, LEAN process and continuous quality improvement and organizational effectiveness; provides ample depth to enhance multiple tiers of agency culture change projects. His areas of expertise include leadership development, innovation theory, child welfare services and reform, poverty, policy and program analysis, ethics and boundaries, trauma-informed care, LGBTQ+, gender and race equity, and inclusion.  Over the course of a decade, he has provided non-profit and public sector organizations direct training in his areas of expertise, called upon to work at all levels of organizations to enhance their mission of becoming more inclusive and equitable.  He works in tandem with front-line staff, mid-level management, senior leaders and financial stakeholders to provide comprehensive strategies to improve organizations and embed outcomes in strategic planning initiatives.