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Denise Valenti-Hein, Ph.D.

Hello! I am a clinical psychologist with more than 35 years of experience assessing children and adults ages 8 to 88. I evaluate people using a combination of techniques to learn about a person’s behavior, personality, and abilities. Testing can help a person better understand themselves and can help their therapists better work with them. A referral for psychological testing can be done for many reason:

To clarify a person's strengths and weaknesses

To verify a diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatment

To compare current functioning with other points in time

To assist courts in making decisions

Additionally, I have special interest in evaluating those who are moving through the citizenship process or those who have specific immigration issues to overcome. Throughout my career, I have assessed individuals of varying backgrounds and have a deep interest in immigrant populations. Working closely with interpreters has become the norm. I show humility in learning about each person’s unique culture, encompassed not just by language, but by country of origin, personal identifiers and legal status.

At this time, I am not conducting evaluations for cases related to Child Protective Services, guardian/divorce, or criminal matters.

Please establish counseling with our clinic prior to being referred for my services